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OCD Self-Help.

Some people have benefited much from the Self- Help books that are available.
These books are written by Psychiatrists/Psychologists and are based upon years of experience with patients who have OCD.
The key to the success when using this "technique" of Self- Help is a terrible amount of self- discipline.

Besides that, will having a supportive and understanding surrounding help you to keep going. While this is something that will always be helpful, finding that others are there to look in on you, might be really helpful when confronting your OCD.
But, if you have never tried therapy or medications before, you really should give those a try since they will hand you "the tools" you will then be able to use for yourself.

These books are great if you have that will- power, if you can't get yourself to go outside the house to find appropriate help or to help you after you were able to stop going to therapy because you were strong enough.

IMPORTANT: In case you are in therapy, make sure that the exercises from the books don't interfere with the approach of your treating Mental Health Care Professional, so ask for their advice.
Also, if you felt the need to consult a book for help on how to cope with your OCD while seeing a psychologist, ask yourself if they really are doing their job correctly or if you are trusting them enough.

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